Come in to Hamilton Hyundai and test drive any new or used vehicle

while you're here and have a chance to win up to $1,000!

Your guaranteed to win at least $10

CONTEST RULES: No purchase necessary to obtain this game card. Sponsor has the option to pay by cash, check or gift card. Other rules of eligibility may be printed in the additional text on this card or posted at Sponsor's location. This card and offer is void if counterfeit, stolen, unreadable, un-issued, printed or produced in error, improperly obtained and any cards having been tampered with in any manner or having any hidden image letters scratched off or exposed prior to erasing the dot off in the Manager's presence. Players must have the ability to purchase a vehicle, for which the dealership has sole discretion to determine players based on credit status and income verification. Only one game card per player who must be at least 18 years old or older. Contest ends on the end date. Player is ineligible if they have purchased another vehicle in the past 30 days. Game card must be played and prizes awarded before any payment has been made or any purchase or lease documents signed. All taxes due are the responsibility of the player. Odds of Winning: $500 Prize 1:400, $50 Prize 10:400, $5 Prize 389:400 ©SM2011 Pro Marketing Systems, Inc.Made In U.S.A.