The Benefits of Buying Used and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles at Hamilton Hyundai


When it's time to purchase a car, buyers have more options than ever before. One of the best options for saving money without sacrificing reliability is buying your pre-owned vehicles from Hamilton Hyundai. Buyers get the benefits of having a trusted dealership and save money over buying a brand-new car.

If you've never bought a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle, you might be wondering why it's better to buy from Hamilton Hyundai than a private seller, or what the advantage are of buying a pre-owned vehicle, instead of new one. At Hamilton Hyundai, we offer some of the best models in the industry, backed by both the Hyundai brand and our team of local professionals who have made us a trusted fixture in the Chambersburg community. Here are some of the best reasons to choose us for your next used car!

CPO Benefits
Warranty Without Depreciation
In the old days, your choice in buying a car was to buy new from a dealer and get a warranty on the vehicle in case something went wrong, while taking the depreciation hit yourself, or to go used and sacrifice the warranty. But these days, CPOs give buyers the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything there is to know about the vehicle while still having a failsafe in case things do go wrong.

When you purchase a certified used vehicle, you're getting a car with low mileage that you know has returned to Hamilton Hyundai in excellent condition. Not only does it come with a manufacturer's warranty through Hyundai, but it comes with the knowledge that our team of expert mechanics have thoroughly inspected it and made sure there aren't any problems with it. If something does go wrong with a CPO, we'll be here to address the problem and make sure it's solved.

With a private sale, you might end up paying a lower price, but you're likely going to end up paying the difference in maintenance costs over the life of your vehicle. You also won't have the protection that comes with having mechanics and a dealer standing behind the vehicle and its reliability. If something goes wrong with a car obtained in a private sale, you're usually out of luck.

Better Financing Deals
When you opt for a CPO instead of a non-certified used car, you might be surprised at the financing packages that Hamilton Hyundai can offer you. Since the vehicle has undergone a rigorous inspection, we're able to offer competitive rates on these cars, sometimes close to the rates offered on a brand-new vehicle.

Not only will you be paying a lower rate with used vehicles, but you'll also be paying less overall than you would with a brand-new vehicle. Buying a new vehicle comes with the strongest backing because Hyundai itself has its reputation on the line with a vehicle that's never been driven by anyone but a Hyundai employee, but that also means you're going to be paying a higher price for the car overall. Opting for a vehicle that has the firm backing of both Hamilton Hyundai's team of mechanics and the manufacturer provides all the backing you'll need in case something does go wrong with the car, at a much lower price.

Used Car Benefits
Lower Registration Fees
If you're not planning to stay in Pennsylvania, buying a used car can actually save you money in some states when it's time to register your vehicle. For example, in Maryland, your car registration fees actually decrease as your vehicle gets older. Buying a car that's six or seven years old can be a great way to lower your fees every year, as someone else has already paid for the most expensive years of the car.

Even in Pennsylvania, which charges one flat fee for vehicle registration, you can still end up saving substantially on taxes when it's time to register your vehicle. That's because Pennsylvania charges sales tax on your purchase, and the tax is charged based on the MSRP of the vehicle, regardless of what price you actually pay for the vehicle. If your vehicle has aged a few years, the MSRP will have decreased in line with the depreciation of the car, which results in a slightly lower cost for you as a buyer. Anything that you can do to keep money in your pocket during your purchase of used vehicles is always a good thing!

Getting the Best Car for the Cost
One of the best reasons to opt for a used car is to get a normally more expensive car at a lower price. This will help you to get the ideal car for your needs without paying more than you really feel comfortable spending. If you don't need the latest technology, a car that's been around for five or six years can be an excellent choice for a lower price.

Remember, when you're purchasing a car, the last thing you want is to find yourself in a tight spot financially because you chose to buy more car than you could realistically afford. If there's a certain model at Hamilton Hyundai that you really want in your driveway, it's best to get an older CPO model so that you get a great car at a price that makes more sense for your needs.

Benefits of Both Used and CPOs
Improved Selection
When you're buying a car from a private seller, you're stuck with whatever the seller has on hand and is willing to sell you. A dealer, on the other hand, will have several options that can fit your needs, and that doesn't just apply to the selection of new vehicles. At Hamilton Hyundai, we're proud to offer a robust selection of quality CPO and used cars so that you've got the ability to choose the one that makes the most sense for your needs. If the first car we show you doesn't quite fit your personality, that's no problem. We're happy to take more time and find you the right car at the right price.

Plus, we're proud to stand behind our hard-earned reputation. We've built our name on great reviews from customers and friendly, trustworthy sales professionals who love helping buyers get to know their vehicle inside and out. When you step onto the lot at Hamilton Hyundai, you know that you're going to get first-rate professional help in finding a car that works for you and fits your budget.

Ask Away
There's nothing like getting all of your questions asked and making sure that you're buying the car that works best for your needs. If you're unsure about a certain feature on one of our cars, you can always ask for more information. At Hamilton Hyundai, our sales professionals pride themselves on our expertise on each and every car we sell, and we'll be happy to give you all the information you need to feel confident in your decision.

Buying from a private seller doesn't offer those advantages, because a seller can only answer questions about their experiences owning a car. Most private sellers know their cars well, but they don't know all of the details that make a Hyundai truly unique as well as an employee does. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of Hyundai vehicles, and we'll make sure that you know your car as well as you need to know it before you make your final decision.

Reliable Repairs
When you purchase a car from Hamilton Hyundai, you know that it comes with one other feature: a repair team that already knows your car very well because they've inspected it and gotten to know the details. When it's time for you to handle basic maintenance, bringing it to our team can ensure that it's taken care of in the proper manner. We'll have the information on your vehicle's history, and we'll know exactly which maintenance services your car needs to keep bringing you the performance that makes Hyundai a trusted name in the automotive world.

Why Buy from Hamilton
Whether you're interested in used vehicles or CPOs, Hamilton Hyundai is the place to find your next car. Our sales professionals are happy to listen to your needs in an automobile and explain the benefits of each of our cars so that you can find the best vehicle for your lifestyle and budget. We'll help you take advantage of specials, provide you all of the information about your vehicle's history and make sure that you know everything you need to know about your car before you drive off our lot.

If you're ready to purchase your next car, come to Hamilton Hyundai in Chambersburg and speak to one of our friendly professional team members. We're always happy to help you find a quality Hyundai and drive away satisfied!