Everyone knows that it's important to keep a regular maintenance schedule, as recommended by the manufacturer, for your car. What people don't hear as much, but is equally important, is the need for seasonal maintenance. Going even one season in Chambersburg without proper preparation for the changing season can cause your car sever damage.

Changing seasons can aggravate existing problems. A weak battery might not give you any problems until the weather gets cold. Conversely, overheating problems might not show up until the weather gets warm. Some things, like changing tires, putting anti-freeze in the wiper fluid and getting brighter headlamps are for safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

Call one of our staff members at Hamilton Hyundai to schedule a seasonal maintenance checkup. Our mechanics are specialists and do many of these kinds of services. We can make sure you keep running in the hottest or coldest weather. Make an appointment with us so tough weather won't sneak up on you!

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