Halloween is a night famous for fanciful frights. Drivers, don’t let the frights become real. Be aware of the little goblins and ghosts who are roaming your neighborhood this October 31st. While Halloween is meant to be fun, the sad fact is that it is one of the most dangerous nights for drivers and pedestrians. Remember these simple tips from our staff at Hamilton Hyundai in mind and be safe while you are out on the Chambersburg roads during trick-or-treating:

  • Know the time of trick-or-treating in your area and do your best to avoid travel at those times.
  • Drive slower than you normally would so you have more time to react to the unexpected.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum while driving so you can focus on your surroundings.
  • Use extra caution when backing out of driveways or pulling away from curbs.
  • Use your hazard lights if you are stopped to drop off or pick up trick-or-treaters.

Be sure to exercise caution and do your part to make sure that Halloween is happy and safe in your neighborhood!

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